April 15, 2022
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DALETEC performing sustainably with A purpose to be caring and mindful

DALETEC performing sustainably with A purpose to be caring and mindful

The need for environmental sustainability gained a lot of traction in the last decade of the 21st century. Back in 2015, the world leaders understood the need to set global goals (SDGs) to create a better world by 2030. 

As a responsible supplier, Daletec aims to contribute towards the betterment of society by implementing eco-friendly practices to produce specialized technical protective fabrics. Supporting the SDGs goal, Daletec participated in this ideology and took part in a better cotton initiative in 2017 with the set target to convert all its product range to 100% BCI. 

Through this step, Daletec played its part in reducing carbon foot prints through its supply chain to promote measurable and continuing improvements for the environment, farming communities and the economies of cotton-producing areas. By the end of first quarter 2018, both pure cotton fabrics and cotton/polyester blends of Daletec range were made using BCI cotton.  

Daletec production facility – OEKO TEX STeP certified with highest class 3; is creating an impact with sustainable textile production with OEKO TEX 100 certified product range of technical fabrics. OEKO TEX STeP is one of the most reliable certification processes, warranting distinction in all production processes, from eco-friendly products to socially acceptable working conditions. It covers all relevant aspects, such as Social Responsibility, Health & Safety, Chemical Management, Environmental Protection, Quality Management and Environmental Management.

The move to BCI cotton is a step in Daletec’s strategy of not only processing high quality flame retardant products, but at the same time processing responsibly with as gentle footprint in our environment as possible.

Our Daletec portfolio includes both treated FR fabric solution and inherent FR solution to serve global demands. 

APEX being the new addition to our IFR product range; is Daletec initiative to move towards the improvement from conventional synthetic rich inherent blends towards more organic rich innovative blends.  

Through an intelligent blend mix and specialized technology, APEX offers maximum protection and comes with excellent comfort. 

Daletec APEX has major content of cellulosic fiber which brings excellent air regulation, moisture management and wicking, which makes Apex ideal for hot & humid climate and minimizes risks of heat strokes. 

Unique blend of specialized fibers Lenzing FR, Modacrylic, Cellulose, Aramid, Antistatic: Apex offers maximum protection, durable performance yet soft and comfortable to wear.

Through an intelligent blend mix and specialized technology, Daletec benchmark IFR product APEX offers maximum protection and comes with excellent comfort. Now available with Made in Green labels as well. 

Made in Green is a traceable label for textile products that are produced in environmentally friendly facilities and under socially responsible working conditions. This label provides assurance that the textile product made from materials are tested for harmful substances. 

With this step, we have created a defined roadmap to become a 100% socially responsible brand and play our part in removing carbon footprint from Earth.