January 1, 2024

Introducing Daletec EXTREME X – Inherent Flame Protection

Setting the new standard in IFR fabrics for comfort with long-lasting performance powered by MoveX and CORDURA® fiber technology.

Introducing Daletec EXTREME X – Inherent Flame Protection

The latest pioneering development in thermal hazard worker protection from FR fabric specialist Daletec is set to shake up the industrial PPE clothing market. This innovative inherent flame-retardant fabric with stretch functionality is engineered with CORDURA® fiber technology for long-lasting durability. Out- performing standard modacrylic/cotton blend IFR fabrics in standard abrasion resistance testing by lasting at least three times longer, Daletec EXTREME X delivers protection, flexibility and durability like a true pro. Extreme X offers unmatched abrasion resistance, flexibility, and comfort. Key features that make Extreme X a game-changer for workers in demanding environments. Excellent abrasion resistance powered by CORDURA® fiber technology Freedom of movement powered by MoveX® stretch High Arc protection rating Extreme comfort, excellent air permeability combined with soft handle Excellent FR performance even after extensive washing Industrial launderability at 75°C

Driven by CORDURA® fiber technology, Extreme X has abrasion resistance, making it the ideal choice for those who work in rugged conditions. No more worrying about your workwear wearing out too soon; Extreme X is engineered to stand up to the toughest challenges. In high-risk work environments, Extreme X excels with its high arc rating. This innovative combination not only safeguards against arc flashes but also ensures superior flexibility and mobility. With Extreme X, you’re protected while enjoying freedom of movement, reducing the risk of injury and burns during arc flash incidents. MoveX technology ensures that you can bend, stretch, and work without feeling restricted by your work uniform. Extreme X is engineered to endure the harshest conditions. It is soft against the skin, ensuring that comfort throughout the day, even in demanding environments. Extreme X, a 310gsm IFR stretch solution is now available in High Vis Yellow and contrast certified EN 20471 colors, having freedom of movement with more than 30% stretch functionality and dimensional stability at ISO 15797, having tear strengths more than 70N. Daletec sets a new standard in the FR industry, offering a perfect blend of comfort and durability. With a commitment to providing safe and comfortable workwear being the ideal choice for industries.

Join the Revolution
Experience the future of IFR fabrics with Extreme X by Daletec. It’s not just workwear; it’s a new standard in safety, comfort, and durability.

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