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    usman ali

    Metalshield- Shirting Grid

    MetalShield-Shirting Grid is light, comfortable and strong FR fabric engineered from long staple Giza cotton and carbon in a grid pattern. The product is being used worldwide for shirting and light coveralls for humid and warm areas. The fabric is an ideal choice for oil, gas, ship or rig paint refineries. The fabric is very…

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    El-Safe is lightweight FR fabric engineered to provide the large utility company a brilliant uniform look,  high comfort, and durable  FR protection to their garments. The fabric is a durable product that renders a shiny nice look on the front end and renders a soft texture inside that provides the comfort to the skin behind…

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    MetalShield fabrics are specially designed all rugged molten metal reflecting fabric that provides complete protection to metal workers against flames, sparks. The fabric provides a high degree of comfort and in the same time provides insulation against the heat in a hot and humid environment. MetalShied fabric range also includes special lightweight fabric designed with…

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        MetalShield-Specialist is especially to meet the requirements of quality concerned users who look forward of getting a lot from their FR garments. The product is engineered from high-quality polyester material . The product is undergone through the finetuned fabric processing and is secured as a strong and long-lasting fabric that can endure industrial…

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    flame retardant cloth

    Flash fire incidents and need of Flame Retardant Clothing (FRC)

    The need of flame-retardant fabric or fire proof fabric protective clothing cannot be underestimated in any industry. Protective clothing is the first layer of protection that guards the workers from disasters and flash fires. Statistics reveal that flash fires are usually observed to be rare incidents where workers are either badly injured or unable to…

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    FR workwear

    RigShield-Madomid Elite

    RigShield-Madomid Elite is specially designed lighter and thin FR fabric. In some circumstances, only the thin and light fabrics feel right to use, but for FR workwear, protection is always focused. RigShield-Madomid Elite special fabric that is as light as a handkerchief and comfortable as silk. The fabric is strong is the best choice for…

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    EN 1149-3


    Rigshield-TopSpark fabric is specially designed FR fabric used for shirting. The fabric is designed to meet up a new benchmark for lightweight cotton treated FR fabric to pass ISO 11612  standards at 180 GSM. It is light and comfortable textile fabric designed to keep sweat away from the body when you are at work in…

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    water repellent finish


    Rigshield-TropicSplash is a specially designed fabric that offers a flexible solution for both utility garments and medium weight offshore garments. The product is light enough to use in warm weather. The product provides protection against welding sparks, chemical splash, electrostatic discharge, and water repellent finish.  

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