September 18, 2019
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True Comfort meets Strong Protection “DALETEC’S NEXT GENERATION APEX (851951)”

True Comfort meets Strong Protection “DALETEC’S NEXT GENERATION APEX (851951)”

Being in the field of Flame retardant fabrics for decades, Daletec has seen it all. Starting from the post-world war reconstruction times that led into basic PPE requirements for the workers to an era where Health and Safety at work etc. Act 1974 was introduced; Daletec has always been at forefront not only to adapt to the new regulations, but at the same time, has been amongst the market leaders in offering required fabric solutions.


Modern day PPE requirements are demanding. The need for workers safety has always been there but new trends, implementation of international and regional standards and a need to have “all in one” concept in fire retardant and fireproof fabrics have made it difficult to cope up with the pace of ever changing and ever challenging PPE apparel requirements. Our strong RnD team is dedicated for innovation. As a brand, we understand that the only way to maintain our identity as market leaders is to keep innovating and providing the users with fabrics that keep them safe and comfortable.

EN ISO and NFPA certified

Daletec, in recent years have been working to come up with a super lightweight inherent fire retardant fabric that not only meets the required EN ISO and NFPA standards but at the same time, it provides with true comfort against skin, without compromising on the safety attributes. We have specifically focused on the working environment for which it has been designed for. Only bringing the weight down not necessarily makes the fabric comfortable. There are different aspects to safety and comfort that we would try to educate about and the solution that Daletec is now offering to address these safety and comfort parameters.


Our customer driven research and development centers have been trying to blend in different fibers to reach to a level where the fabric performs exceptionally well against arc flash and flash fire. In addition, the target set was to have a fabric that fits in “all in one” concept and offers EN ISO certifications along with providing great aesthetics, breathability, soft handle and comfort against skin.


Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicate that there were nearly 6,000 fatal electrical injuries to workers in the U.S. between 1992 and 2013.  BLS data also indicates that there were 24,100 non-fatal electrical injuries from 2003 through 2012, the most recent 10-year period for which data is available. This shows the importance of the barrier that the garment made out of FR fabric creates against arc flash. We at Daletec not just wanted to have a fabric that exceeds 8 cal limit to qualify for HRC2 level, but we wanted to have a fabric that comfortably exceeds the limit to give wearer more confidence in wearing the apparel while working.


“APEX”, the next generation Inherent FR fabric has achieved 9.3 Cal when tested against ASTM F1959/EN 61482-1-1 and has 22% second degree burn probability when tested for NFPA 2112. All this is being offered through Daletec’s focused research in different fibers that has enabled us to achieve the new benchmark at 5.45 Oz. only.  In order to make this product suitable for global use, it will qualify for EN 11612 as well.


“APEX” has been blended intelligently to provide more durability. It has 17% better wet strength in warp and 11% better wet strength in weft when compared to similar weight competition product, thus making it a first choice for hot and humid climates where strengths tend to deteriorate with time when exposed to perspiration regularly.


While working, garments impose a barrier between the wearer and the working environment. This can create additional stress on the wearer; impair their ability to carry out their work and create significant levels of discomfort. Any of these factors can discourage wearer from using PPE correctly, therefore placing them at risk of injury, ill-health or, under extreme circumstances, death. Good ergonomic design can help to minimize these barriers and can therefore help to ensure safe and healthy working conditions through the correct use of PPE. For this reason, Daletec’s research team has focused to come up with a product that not only fulfills the safety parameters but at the same time brings in comfort for the wearer. For hot and uncomfortable environments, “APEX” provides 33% better air permeability as per ASTM 737/ISO 9237 and 35% less surface roughness as compared to competition when tested as per Kawabata Evaluation system .12 % mechanical stretch in the fabric gives wearer more freedom of movement in garment made out of this new fabric. Daletec’s solution comes with Oekotex- Class 2 certification.  Also, it is available in wide color specter, minimizing the limitations and allowing to produce in your choice of colors.


We at Daletec believe that “APEX” is not just a fabric; infect it is a concept. A concept that bridges safety with comfort. Since the inception of our company in 1879, we have been striving for PROTECTING PEOPLE. Having a certified fabric and having a safe fabric are two different things.  For us, the later precedes former; which has enabled us to push ourselves in pursuit of the ultimate. APEX has raised the bar and has set up a new benchmark for Daletec as well as for the industry.


Our vision to achieve the ultimate in FR protective fabrics continues. Keep challenging our dedicated team as we are open to try out new concepts and APEX is only one of the examples. With the collaboration of our partners and decades of expertise in FR processing, we have the utmost confidence that we will keep surprising you with our innovative ideas.


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