January 15, 2020
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“Protection, Flexibility and Durability like a true Pro”

“Protection, Flexibility and Durability like a true Pro”

Achieving Milestones with Daletec Extreme X (863153X)

Daletec has been in the field of Flame Retardant Fabrics from decades and we take pride in offering best protective fabric solutions which keeps the workers safe from thermal hazards. From the basic PPE requirements for the workers after industrial revolution to more demanding needs in health and safety sector, Daletec has seen it all.  Being a reliable FR fabric supplier, Daletec has always been a market leader in providing fabric solutions by adapting to the new regulations. The main focus of Daletec however remains always on workers protection and in consideration to this, flame retardant fabrics developed by Daletec are the state of the art products which are not only meeting the minimum requirements of necessary certifications but are also offering maximum protection to the wearer from flame, fire and sparks. 

Along with meeting the requirements of safety standards, Daletec has been working to incorporate comfort into its product portfolio of Inherent FR as well as FR treated fabrics. With time, wearing habits have changed and have set up new trends in Fire Retardant and Fireproof Fabrics. Daletec as a brand understand the importance of innovation and have dedicated team and research centers that are striving to add value to your PPE. 

Recently, Daletec’s RND team has been working to come up with an Inherent Fire Retardant Fabric solution that not only provides high level of safety but also focuses on the wearer’s comfort by adding stretch. General perception is, that lighter the fabric, the more comfortable it will be. But there is much more to comfort, than just the weight. Through intelligent RND, Daletec has incorporated the key elements of comfort through MoveX technology in its’ Inherent Fire Retardant fabric Extreme X that has bridged the gap between safety and comfort by focusing on the fiber choice, flexibility of movement, fabric construction, air permeability and moisture management.  

This 9Oz (310gsm) inherent FR solution with 30% stretch has tremendously soft handle and offers excellent comfort to the wearer. Extreme X is already certified to necessary European norms such as EN ISO 11611, EN ISO 11612, EN 1149-3, EN 13034 and ASTM F1959/EN 61482-1-1 having 9 cal rating. 

Through unique mix of our own MoveX stretch technology and CORDURA technology, this benchmark product offers extreme durability, high abrasion, maximum protection and extreme comfort with freedom of movement just like a chino. It’s Extreme X as it offers Protection and durability like a true pro.

Other key highlights of Daletec Extreme X product is that it comes with controlled shrinkages and is industrial launder able (ISO 15797) which means it can sustain robust wash cycles. In comparison to cotton fabrics in similar weights, Extreme X offers twice more comfort because of excellent air permeability and soft handle. Extreme X is now available in wide range of solid colors. 

In severe working conditions, protective clothing provides a barrier to the wearer from thermal hazards. The efficiency of work will be compromised if the worker is not feeling comfortable while performing his daily tasks which will lead to huge loss as the work will not be done in efficient manner. If proper PPE protocols are not followed in efficient manner then it will results in injuries and risk of workers’ life. 

Daletec research team is much focused to offer products that not only fulfills safety parameters but also provides maximum protection from hazards and freedom of movement to make it comfortable for the weaver to work under tough working conditions. We believe the job can be done more efficiently if the worker is comfortable with the garment he is wearing as it allows him to move freely. And if he is feeling rather confined in uncomfortable garment then even the easiest jobs will take more time and increase the risk of accidents. 

Daletec is not just offering a fabric solution in shape of “Extreme X”; in fact we are offering a concept by taking the Fire Retardant Fabrics to next level. Since the company was founded in 1879 we have been determined for protecting people. We don’t aim to provide only certified fabrics but we aim to offer protective fabrics as these are two different concepts. Certification is often only a minimum of what a fabric should achieve, hence certification of a fabric is not a challenge. Providing a safe fabric on the other hand is the work done by the most professional people. 

Daletec Extreme X has definitely set a benchmark for the industry. The world is moving fast and we are allowing the wearer to move along with the speed that the world is moving. A happier worker will help to get better results with more efficiency. 

Our vision to achieve the ultimate in FR protective fabrics continues. Keep challenging our dedicated team as we are open to try out new concepts and Extreme X is only one of the examples. There is a long way to go and with collaboration of our partners and decades of expertise in FR processing, we are confident that we will keep surprising you with our innovative ideas.