September 25, 2017
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Ground Breaking 10 Cal Electric ARC Protective

Ground Breaking 10 Cal Electric ARC Protective

Daletec is launching a new product, Modamid Arclite, a 200gsm mod acrylic and premium cotton based fabric. Through years of focused work in R&D the most suitable fiber blend and fabric construction has been found, resulting in an astonishing ATPV result of 10 calories in such a light and comfortable fabric.

The intended use is lightweight workwear for warm and humid conditions, but will also be offering added value for shirting purposes or light weight apparel in moderate weather conditions.

The product will be meeting NFPA 2112 as well as EN ISO 11612 and EN 1149-3.

With this fabric, Daletec takes the position of not only being amongst the most advanced FR fabric finishers on the planet, but now also becoming a frontrunner in inherent FR fiber based technology.

For more detailed information and samples of the product contact us or visit us at A+A in October