January 10, 2018
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Safety has always been Daletec’s first and foremost priority and we have always been closely associated with providing safety to workers through our rich portfolio of inherent and treated FR fabrics. Intersec in Dubai is the leading international meeting platform for the Security & Safety industry in the region.

If you are there, we would like to invite and connect at Intersec to show you different flame retardant solutions we have to offer for the hot and humid climate.

It is time you get out of the uncomfortable and itchy aramid garments. We believe that the new additions of Daletec’s “Modamid Air”, “Modamid Arclite” and “Modamid Elite” would be ideal solutions for safety apparel needs for the region. These are lightweight, comfortable, soft and above all are an intelligent blend of cellulose with inherent fibers that gives them a clear edge over 100% synthetic solutions.

Our sales rep will be at Intersec and we would like to connect over the exhibition days to brief more about THE DALETEC CONCEPT.