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    FR Fabrics


    Daletec stretching the collection even further with Daletec’s sophisticated collection you jobs have never been so easy. Our new collection offers optimum comfort and is convenient to wear at work. We have expanded our areas of expertise and now feature different stretch fabric options in canvases, denim, rich cotton blends, and IFR. All these products…

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    Rigshield – shockbeater

    The Shockbeater is a fabric solution that meets requirements from both EN ISO 11612 standard and NFPA 2112. The lightweight makes this a great choice for warm and humid conditions where heat stress is a challenge. This fabric has now also got the famous “Dale handle” after adding a special finish to the product. The…

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    Metalshield – GRINDMASTER

    The new GrindMaster is a fabric which is giving more protection compared to heavier conventional welding and grinding fabrics. In the meantime lifetime of the article of clothing is any longer because of the fabric’s exceptional piece. By utilization of Daletec’s one of a kind nanotechnology arrangement, this fabric repulses all welding sparkles and other…

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    Rigshield – Dalamid 5

    This lightweight aramid arrangement offers comfort, peril security and near consistently enduring tear-and elastic qualities. The fabric is a decent decision for lightweight coveralls in situations with a high strain on pieces of clothing.

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    Rigshield – globalarc

    The GlobalArc is a texture arrangement that meets requirements from both EN ISO 11612 standard and NFPA 2112. The medium weight settles on this an extraordinary decision for warm and moist conditions where heat pressure is a test. It utilized everywhere throughout the world for various end clients necessities without needing two arrangements of articles…

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    Metalshield – UNISPARK

    The UniSpark is a solution from the Daletec toolbox with general potential outcomes. It is widely used for industrial welding garments as well as for efficient offshore apparel. Just as articles of garments with high perceivability highlights and where antistatic insurance is required.

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    Rigshield – Globalspark

    The GlobalSpark is a fabric arrangement that meets necessities from both EN ISO 11612 standard and NFPA 2112. The medium weight settles on this an incredible decision for warm and muggy conditions where heat pressure is a test. GlobalSpark has disguised antistatic stripes for protection against electrostatic release. And this fabric now also has the…

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    Rigshield Permachief

    This product brings both long sturdiness and abnormal state of solace to the user. The fabric meets both EN ISO 11612 and NFPA 2112 requirements. Which makes it suitable for oil, gas and utility articles of clothing for seaward just as inland exercises on any working site on the planet. Compared with significant choices in…

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    Rigshield Bluflame Jeans

    This denim FR fabric is appropriate for rough, yet snappy denim pants. And is used both for utility workers as well as in refineries. With the utilization of popular denim pieces of clothing. You can both look great, feel better and be ensured against blaze flame and electric bend in the meantime.

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