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Early Life on Dale Village

Early Life on Dale Village

Everybody who know about Dale know that it is a town cramped between several mountains. The sunshine is limited, and the climate can be challenging. This is probably the reason for it not being that crowded in Dale until the end of the 1800-century when the mountains and water supply gave inspiration to build industry.

Most of the houses that existed before the development were built around “Dalegarden” and “Dalseid”, which are outskirts of town. The area around “Kvammen” was mostly owned by farmers and was used as cultivated lands for the animals. Some houses were used for traveling people who were passing by. There was also a transport shift point between sea and land by Dalevågen and on Dalseid where the mail route passed by. After the industry start-up, this was about to change dramatically.

The first houses that were built for the factory workers were not of the best standard. They were built with small rooms to house as many people as possible. They were without any isolation and the cleaning of clothes took place in the river.

In later years, after the Norwegian textile industry went down, the local community has gradually changed. From a time where almost everyone could make a living out of working in the factory or sell products and services locally, that has now changed. The number of employees in the factory has reduced ever since the 60’s when there were over 1300 workers. At the end of the 2000’s the number of workers were less than 100.

Even though the village constantly holds up their traditions, there is a lot of history that has been washed out. some of the companies are gone or has moved out their production, as well as a lot of the population has moved out or become commuters.