140 years of Excellence

A journey of Dale Factory from 1879

A journey of Dale Factory from 1879

The rise of the massive factory building in Dale takes place in 1879, together with pretreatment facility, bleaching house, dyeing facility, and a finishing plant. The wooden buildings are made as wings for the cotton factory. Between the wings is the bleaching house located as a long building. As the installing and construction take place the workforce of 250 men is in good spirit. The 22nd of August 1879 the turbines takes their first rotations and the first canvases gets manufactured with help of transmission. The machine park contains 40 cotton carding machines, 10 000 warp and weft spindles and 10 weaving looms. By the time Dale Factories starts its manufacturing there are more than 160 men and women employed in the facilities.

This magazine is a collaboration between the knitwear business Dale of Norway, meter manufacturer Daletec and the real estate company Dale Fabrikker.

The purpose of this magazine is to mark the 140 years it has been since the first factory was built on Dale, and the basis for the biggest textile community in Norway was founded.

Dale has always been a strong name in the textile industry and has still a value to companies. The story of how an international textile giant rose between the steep mountains is a part of our DNA and still gets appreciated by our clients and our partners. Targeting high quality, good raw materials and the most advanced technology is still an essence for all textile companies that has been built and still is located in Dale.

The life in and around the factories on Dale is a big part of national industry and social history. A magazine like this with limited extent of history will only be able to give a small part of the history. Our focus will mainly be to give you an insight on early history, show some important people in the company in later times and show which directions the company has taken over the past few years.