• Material
    99/1% Co/AS Weft
  • Weave
    4/1 Sain
  • Weight
    310 GSM / 9.14 Oz
  • Laundry Instructions
    60C / 140F
  • Certificates
    • ISO 11612
    • ISO 11611
    • EN 1149-3
    • EN 61482-1-2
    • EN 20471

The new GrindMaster is a fabric which is giving more protection compared to much heavier conventional welding and grinding fabrics, at the same time lifetime of the garment is much longer due to the fabric’s special composition. By use of Daletec’s unique nano technology solution this fabric repels all welding sparks and other metal splash, resulting in higher protection than ever experienced before by metal workers! The fabric has one of the best UV-protection levels against welding radiation in the market, documented in external lab testing. And all of that with only 310 GSM!

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