• Material
    100% Cotton
  • Weave
    4/1 Satin
  • Weight
    220 GSM / 6.49 Oz
  • Laundry Instructions
    66C / 150F
  • Certificates
    • ISO 11612
    • ISO 11611
    • EN 61482-1-2
    • NFPA 2112

The Arcbeater is pushing the weight limit of HRC2 qualified materials. With an ATPV of 8.9 this product is providing high arc protection in a low weight alternative. Sateen construction and Giza cotton gives a smooth touch, whilst the yarn construction and fabric surface provide high protection against abrasion and tearing. The fabric looks great in plain dyed apparel and is at the same time perfect for printed shirts. A true allrounder!

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