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Proven, Reliable Quality
Since 1879

Dale Factory Group was founded in 1879 after Peder Jebsen discovered the great rivers and waterfalls around the valley of Dale.  He bought water rights, built power stations and founded what was to become Norway’s largest textile enterprise.

Textile production at Dale has included hat factories, spinning mills, weaving mills, woolen yarn production, home textiles and bedding production. Norway’s largest knitwear company is still located there.

The expression “Dale Quality” is used in Norway and internationally. During the past 50 years “Dale Fabrikker” and later “Dale AS” has been one of the leading producers of flame retardant work wear fabric, with the brand “Dale Antiflame”.

The company and its fabrics are now known by the Daletec brand. Administration and development remain in Norwegian offices. Since 2009, production has been handled by international licensed suppliers, mainly by the leading integrated textile company in Pakistan/Asia. Production managers and workers at all production sites are trained by our own technicians to ensure all fabric quality is as good as products made in Norway.

FR Pioneering

Daletec created the first FR rough work wear for oil and gas personnel on offshore rigs in the North Sea in the early 1970s. As standards and demands have increased, Daletec has provided the innovative designs to lead the industry. Daletec is now known for delivering best available solutions for industrial workers who require protection against heat and flames, electrical arcing, and hot metal splash.

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We now produce a wide range of specialized products with impregnations, lamination and special coatings to give production workers in niche industries even more comfort, even more durability and even better protection.