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140 Years of Reliable Quality.

Daletec provides you with the best protection without compromising comfort. High-quality fabrics lead to impregnable protection and durability. Since 1879, Daletec has now become Norway’s largest textile enterprise that provides the highest quality of heat resistant fabrics worldwide. The demand for Daletec’s protective fabrics speaks for itself. Daletec’s fabrics provide protection to energy, electrical, metal and many other industries in more than 100 countries across the globe. Our brand has created a life-long trust with all of our clientele through 140 years of reliable quality, comfort and durability.

For us, the safety and comfort of the people who put their lives at stake on a daily basis is the number one priority. Therefore, rigorous testing methods and safety certifications ensure the credibility of the Daletec heat-resistant cloth.

Rigshield, Metalshield, Sparkshield and Tactical Wear are some of the prominent product lines of Daletec. Each of these protective fabrics works in various fields of industries that require an immediate form of protection against potential hazards. The clothing made from Daletec’s heatproof fabric work as insulators that keep the heat from transferring from the environment to a worker’s body. Heat protection is essential in many industries, therefore, Daletec provides the best, safest and most comfortable products for heat and fire safety. Moreover, the self-extinguishing properties of this fabric not only protect from heat but also hazardous flames.


Oil & Gas Industry

RigShield fabrics by Daletec provide the highest level of heat protection and comfort to oil & gas industry workers. Furthermore, these heat resistant fabrics are made from the finest quality cotton fibers. Daletec adds its years of experimenting experience to make better and more efficient ways of protection against hazards. These fabrics are ideal for the oil & gas industry because they allow clothing to withstand numerous washing cycles without losing its comfort or protective qualities.

Additionally, the Rigshield product line includes fabrics with FR characteristics at the fiber level that are inherently flame-retardant. Daletec’s Rigshield products distinguish themselves from competitors by combining the best blends to produce enduring heat and fire-resistant properties. Without a doubt, these fabrics are reliable and comfortable for years to come.


Foundry & Welding

Daletec brings you the best line of defense against molten metal and welding sparks. The Metalshield heat proof fabrics are sturdy and durable for the sole purpose of protecting metal workers against their harsh working environments. Whether it be sparks or flames, the high-security mechanics of these fabrics protect the skin and body of all metal workers. However, the protection and sturdiness do not compromise any comfort. These fabrics are breathable for the body and easy to move in. Comfort while working in hot and congested areas is crucial as the discomfort can bring forth exhaustion and open new windows for mishaps.  

The line also includes highly specialized lightweight goods for the most difficult operations. Our Metalshield products have a nano-ceramic coating that repels molten metal, prevents metal spark damage and is durable for a lifetime.


Electrical & Utility

SparkShield Fabrics by Daletec provides workers of the electrical and utility sector protection against electrical arcs and flame hazards. Moreover, the stylish, comfortable and durable fabrics outlast any other fabrics in the market. These fabrics are lightweight for free movement and comfort. In addition, the high-quality cotton fibers combine with Daletec’s special finishing for round-the-clock protection. Electrical, heat and fire hazard protection are what these fabrics are best at. With unique blends and colors, you can choose the best fabrics that fit your need with Daletec’s SparkShield Heat resistant fabrics.

Tactical Wear

Soldiers & Law enforcement

Tactical Wear Heat proof fabrics for a uniform look for law enforcers and soldiers with optimum protection and comfort. Get the best blend of fibers with the best engineering with Daletec’s Tactical Wear Fabrics. These fabrics are military grade with all the necessary certifications for a durable and reliable quality. Daletec uses state-of-the-art machinery to deliver the best possible products to protect lives across the globe. For us, every life matters, and with strict quality control, we ensure you make the ends meet all in one piece.

FR Pioneering

Daletec created the first FR rough work wear for oil and gas personnel on offshore rigs in the North Sea in the early 1970s. As standards and demands have increased, Daletec has provided the innovative designs to lead the industry. Daletec is now known for delivering best available solutions for industrial workers who require protection against heat and flames, electrical arcing, and hot metal splash.

We now produce a wide range of specialized products with impregnations, lamination and special coatings to give production workers in niche industries even more comfort, even more durability and even better protection.

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