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Extreme X

It was Daletec’s 140th year celebration of Excellence in fabrics, the pioneer brand launched yet another remarkable product, breaking through all the market expectations of FR fabrics in the industry

Primarily, the industrial fabrics are considered to be robust enough to offer best performance levels, same is the case with FR fabrics. However, until now there was a serious challenge of low abrasion resistance in traditional blended FR fabrics due to technology limitations. In addition, flexibility has been limited as no one have been able to come up with materials with real stretch function.

At Daletec research center, our technicians conducted a detailed study for years and designed blueprints of a futuristic fabric which ticks all the boxes; be it excellent performance levels with high abrasion resistance, maximum protection of flames and sparks, plus more flexibility. On top of all that, keeping a very soft handfeel because workers deserve the best comfort while doing their rough and tough jobs at construction sites, utilities or even foundry and welding.

In order to develop a futuristic product, Daletec teamed up with an excellent partner CORDURA® who came up with a state of the art fiber technology for long lasting durability. Daletec technicians selected best fiber blend to have maximum performance levels and induced its own registered technology of MoveX for best comfort, flexibility and stretch.

And the outcome was amazing as a new FR fabric took its first breath in this world, a product which was never seen before, a product never dreamed before. The developed solution has become the very 1st IFR industrial launderable solution in market which is powered by CORDURA ® fiber technology, breaking all the earlier expected performance levels. This IFR solution hit right into the center of dartboard, and with its extreme level of properties it over performed any expectations. No wonder, the product was later named as Extreme X which offers Protection, Flexibility and Durability like a true Pro.

Key features Extreme X offer are excellent abrasion resistance powered by CORDURA ® fiber technology, Freedom of Movement by MoveX technology, High Arc rating, extremely strong with long lasting performance and best comfort for the wearer

Extreme X, a 310gsm IFR stretch solution is now available in High as yellow and contrast certified EN 20471 colors, having freedom of movement with more than 30% stretch functionality and dimensional stability at ISO 15797, having tear strengths more than 50N, with excellent abrasion resistance at least three times better than standard modacrylic/cotton solutions.

You haven’t tried it yet? Then it’s about time!

Protection, Flexibility & Durability like a true Pro