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Daletec History

Why Choose Daletec?

Daletec is one the pioneers in offering FR treated fabric solutions and has always focused on bringing best FR protective clothing solutions which caters the needs of evolving industry demand. 

With 140+ years of experience, Daletec has become one of the  FR fabric manufacturers across the globe. All of the FR clothing comes with a long lasting flame resistance performance.Daletec’s premium and durable FR fabric performance makes its stand out among others in the industry and is preferred among high end consumers.

Daletec has always focused on consistent quality and durability of its FR fabric range and in order to ensure consistency, best quality of fibers, dyes & chemicals are selected. All production is done in our state of the art production facility to ensure each and every aspect of FR fabric performance.

Daletec Company History

The Benefits of Choosing Daletec

Daletec is a well-known Norwegian Flame retardant fabric that shields the wearer from heat and flames, electrical arc, and hot metal splash.

Durable protection from flame, fire and sparks through Daletec FR fabric solutions which are available with enhanced The “Dale Comfort” guarantees the softest FR fabric experience.

More than 100 countries around the world use Daletec fabrics to protect the energy, electrical, metal, and many other industries. Through 140 years of excellent quality, comfort, and durability, our brand has built a lifetime relationship of trust with all of our valuable partners and customers. Daletec has proven to be best solution in the market because it has been TESTED, CERTIFIED,TRUSTED.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100

All FR fabrics produced by Daletec are free from any harmful substance which can irritate the skin and cause skin reactions.


This is a certification procedure, which guarantees differentiation in all production processes, from environmentally sustainable products to socially acceptable working conditions, and is the most trustworthy one. Every pertinent topic is covered, including social responsibility, health and safety, chemical management, environmental protection, quality management, and environmental management.

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

The switch to BCI cotton is a milestone in Daletec’s ambition to be the best FR fabric manufacturer and create high-quality flame retardant products while also doing so responsibly and to reduce footprint on the environment.

Organic Content Standard (OCS)

This standard’s objective is to ensure the integrity and traceability of the raw materials throughout the whole manufacturing process. To provide safe and secure safety fabrics, Daletec production facility is certified to OCS.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

A sort of quality mark provided by UL is the recognized component mark. It is attached to parts that are meant to be a part of UL-listed goods. According to NFPA 2112, Daletec has an exciting range of fabrics which are UL certified.

ISO 9001

This standard is all about quality management systems that make sure customer satisfaction is the number one priority for Daletec. This certification outlines the specifications for a quality management system when a company must prove its capacity to consistently deliver goods and services that satisfy clients and pertinent legal and regulatory criteria.

ISO 14001:2015

This standard outlines the requirements for an environmental management system and provides a framework that a business or organization may use to establish an efficient environmental management system.

Choose Daletec Today!

Being the pioneers in treated FR fabric solutions, Daletec has an extensive knowledge of efficient FR applications on fabrics to offer maximum protection with added feature of comfort. 

Over the years, Daletec has extended its range from treated FR fabrics to inherent FR fabrics for European and US markets. Over the years, the focus at Daletec’s RnD was to evaluate and scrutinize the needs of future demands. Daletec takes prides in bringing new futuristic solutions to the market which meets todays and future demands of workwear. Extreme X – the first IFR stretch solution powered by Cordura fiber technology is acknowledged and awarded as best fabric innovation by PCIAW; is one of the top pick by European customers. 

APEX – True IFR global solution with excellent performance, maximum protection, and high flash fire ratings and with the BEST soft handle; makes it the BEST solution for hot and humid environments. 

From technical expertise to state of the art production facility, Daletec has FR Heat resistant fabric solutions based on the industry use.