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Daletec History

Tested. Certified. Trusted.

Daletec is the trusted Norwegian producer of flame retardant fabrics for clothing that protects against heat and flames, electrical arc and hot metal splash.

We have pioneered unique processes and specialized FR treatments for more than 40 years, including impregnations, laminations, special coatings and other innovative FR technologies.

Our fabrics are now famous for their consistent high quality, comfort and extreme durability, and Daletec is respected for delivering reliable service and environmentally friendly solutions.

We’ve provided enough FR fabric — to heavy industry work wear manufacturers in more than 35 countries, on all continents – to circle the planet several times over.

Daletec has also developed, built and tested a highly efficient global supply chain, with efficient, reliable mills and guaranteed supplies of the best raw materials.  Our team of textile engineers at our laboratories continually tests all our production. The company is ISO14001 certified.

Your Daletec service comes from experienced FR fabric professionals with continually updated knowledge in fabric certification, testing, product development, innovation, global FR work wear trends, economic conditions and emerging markets.


Daletec Company History

Safety. Innovation. Quality.

We guarantee durable flame resistance in all our products. Our FR technologies will outlast your garments.

Daletec delivers the best FR protection today, and develops advanced innovations for tomorrow.

Our customers demand the very best fabrics, so we use the very best fibre, chemicals and dyes, and then we apply our unique industry-leading production processes.


Our mission at Daletec is to lead the industry in meeting evolving global demand for FR fabric.


At Daletec, we contribute to the advancement of our partners, the development of our communities, and the protection of the environment.


Daletec grows by strengthening our people, relationships, integrity, diversity and reliability.