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About us Daletec

How Daletec Protects You Best

Daletec brand is the symbol of quality and provides the best available fabrics for flame protection in industrial work wear. Using relevant technologies Daletec provides both EN, ISO, ASTM and NFPA certified products. This gives us a leading edge and makes us one of very few brands providing Global solutions in cotton-based fabrics using multiple processing chemistries and techniques. The FR properties are guaranteed by Daletec to stay intact for the fabric’s entire lifespan.

Daletec’s unique 50 years’ long experience and research on the application process allow us to produce fabrics with technologies that are permanent and ensure your protection against related work place hazards.

We believe in our responsibility as a brand originating from Norway, when it comes to safety and the environment. We use the most sophisticated and trusted partners in the chemical supply chain, this eventually results in many of our products being Bio degradable and environment friendly. Repeated studies have demonstrated that it shows no signs of toxic or environmentally damaging properties. This has also been tested directly on human skin without any aggravation or allergic reaction.

The substrates used for our products are specially selected out of the most suitable cotton fibers. Hence longest available cotton fibers blended with the strongest ones produced with an intimate blended recipe for yarns, which turn out to make a fabric which is strong, comfortable, and durable even after the finishing process.

For all-weather FR protection, Daletec laminated fabrics keep you dry, warm and comfortable. For our certified combination of flame retardant and waterproofing capacity, our engineers have developed a light, strong fabric that’s paired with a breathable, FR membrane.  It repels higher-pressure water and stands up to more frequent washing at higher temperatures than other products in the market. And it stays flexible in extreme cold conditions.

For metal splash protection, Daletec has developed a revolutionary fabric with a repellent outer coating. It handles extreme exposure to molten aluminum, iron and other metals, and a lighter fabric version that repels concentrated sparks from grinding or welding without leaving a mark.