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    Expo in Paris

    Daletec – Expo in Paris

    Expo protection in Paris is continuing with along with 300 innovation presented, 2 start-up contests, the TMS award, exhibitors themed events.

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    Rigshield – LINERSPARK

    The LinerSpark fabric is used as pocketing and as inner liner in lined winter garments such as parkas, coveralls, jackets and trousers. It is light and comfortable, it keeps sweat away from the body when you are at work and keeps you warm when it is cold. LinerSpark even protects you from static buildup with…

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    Daletect – ADIPEC

    Safety has always been Daletec’s first and foremost priority and we have always been closely associated with providing safety to workers through our rich portfolio of inherent and treated FR fabrics. ADIPEC (ABU DHABI INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM EXHIBITION & CONFERENCE) from Nov 12th- 15th,  is the leading international meeting platform for the Oil&Gas professionals in the…

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    Daletec – WelderGuard 504531

    Daletec WelderGuard offers the best protection to the welders from welding and grinding sparks. For inquiries related to WelderGuard, please reach out to us @ #protection #firesafety #spark #flameretardant #protectivefabrics #welding #TestedCertifiedTrusted

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    Daletec - ExpoProduction

    Daletec – ExpoProduction

    Daletec – ExpoProduction: #Daletec exhibiting @ExpoProtection. Join us @ Stand L117 #firesafety #fireprotection #flameretardant #protectivefabrics

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    Daletec – workshop session

    Kuala Lumpur – the workshop #session being held by #Daletec and #Shell within your own city. The unveiling of our state-of-the-art fabric called #ModamidAir is being done during this #workshop. The keynotes of this #fabric are #moisture control, #FR protection, reliability, and comfort along with being compliant with #global certification. Visit #Daletec website for more…

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    Protecting People and the Planet

    Daletec – Protecting People and the Planet

    Daletec is a brand that not only focuses on doing business but also protecting our #earth We work with an approach of not only generating revenue but also #givingbacktoourcommunity Our tagline is #tested #certified and #trusted because of our #eco-friendly products and services. #Daleteccaresforall

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