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    FR workwear

    RigShield-Madomid Elite

    RigShield-Madomid Elite is specially designed lighter and thin FR fabric. In some circumstances, only the thin and light fabrics feel right to use, but for FR workwear, protection is always focused. RigShield-Madomid Elite special fabric that is as light as a handkerchief and comfortable as silk. The fabric is strong is the best choice for…

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    EN 1149-3


    Rigshield-TopSpark fabric is specially designed FR fabric used for shirting. The fabric is designed to meet up a new benchmark for lightweight cotton treated FR fabric to pass ISO 11612  standards at 180 GSM. It is light and comfortable textile fabric designed to keep sweat away from the body when you are at work in…

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    water repellent finish


    Rigshield-TropicSplash is a specially designed fabric that offers a flexible solution for both utility garments and medium weight offshore garments. The product is light enough to use in warm weather. The product provides protection against welding sparks, chemical splash, electrostatic discharge, and water repellent finish.  

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    Rigshield_RigChief Stirpe

    Rigshield-RigChief Stripe

    Rigshield-RigChief Stripe is designed from the high quality long staple cotton. The cotton used in the fabric renders our fabric high physical strength and lifetime durability. RigChief Stripe has been used in the manufacturing of lined and unlined offshore garments for more than a decade. The special fabric is also the best option for refinery…

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    The GlobalWind is a specially designed fire retardant fabric that meets the standard requirements of both EN ISO 1162 and NFPA 2112. The fabric is designed to provide high arc and flash fire protection. RigShield GlobalWind is a dual standard certified product and can be used by different end users all around the world without…

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    Rigshield-LightSplash is 220 gms HRC2C product specially designed fabric for oil, gas and other industries. The product is best to use in the hot and wet industrial environment. Rigshield-LightSplash offers the best protection against water and chemical splash.  The product is available in different colors.

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    Rigshield-Modamid Arclite

    Rigshield-Modamid Arclite

    Rigshield-Modamid Arclite is a fabric created with a definitive mix of fire-resistant strands and cellulose filaments. The item is the perfect item for warm or muggy conditions where there is a danger of an electric arch.

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    Daletec inherent fabric

    Rigshield-Modamid Tropic

    The Modamid Tropic is the allrounder in the Daletec inherent fabric range. It is light enough that it can be used in temperate environments.  Heavy enough to give complete protection against heat and flames with an ATPV of 10 calories.

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    Rigshield-Classic product has been specially designed for offshore garments and is one of the Daletec bestselling fabric on owing to its flexible use both for as welding garments and as well as an arc flash protection.  Rigshield-ClassicSpark is no doubt one of the most used fabrics in the North Sea, both for lined winter garments…

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    Dalamid 5 Splash

    Rigshield-Dalamid 5 Splash

    Rigshield-Dalamid is a lightweight aramid solution offers hazard-protection, comfort and close to ever-lasting tear- and tensile strengths. The specially designed fabric is a good choice for a lightweight garment in environments with high strain on garments.

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