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Gunner is a medium weight fabric that provides protection against heat and flames, electric arc and welding sparks. The fabric is giving a long-lasting garment with high durability. Where the nylon reinforcement is directly in line with the twill fabric’s appearance as a rugged lifesaver. If you have any queries, you can reach out to…

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The antistatic version of the El-safe provides a solution which is strong, relatively light, and at the same time, it has got excellent color fastness properties. Which makes it ideal for utility companies and general industrial companies with a wider specter of protective requirements. The fabric meets nearly all the standards in the book and…

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Experience has no match

Your Daletec service comes from experienced FR fabric professionals with continually upload knowledge in fabric certification, testing, product development, innovation, global FR workwear trends, economic conditions, and emerging markets. #Experience_has_no_match

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Trained to do the job

During the past 60 years, #Daletec has been one of the leading producers of #flame_retardant_wear_fabric. Our pioneer research has led to on-going innovation for the unique Daletec products now used in #energy, #electrical, #metal, and other heavy industries in more than 100 #countries.

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Burn Awareness Week

The first full week of February is observed as Burn Awareness week which gives a reminder to the organizations to go through their securities check and make necessary adjustments to avoid any incidents.

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Protection with freedom of Movement

Daletec launching new FR Stretch Line. Offering maximum Protection with freedom of Movement. Learn more about Daletec Electrical & Utility range @ If you have any queries, you can reach out to us @

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SparkSheild – HI-CLASS GRID

The Hi-Class Grid is a heavier and more rugged version of the El-Safe. This polycotton FR fabric is an ideal all-round solution for utility plants which have different activities but which only wants one kind of garments to protect against all hazards. In addition to adding strength to the garment, the polyester part gives the…

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Daletec-Sparkshield Fabric Standards

SparkShield fabrics combine flame retardant with antistatic properties. You get protection from flame tongues and arc flashes, and from the charge-sparked explosion of flammable gas or liquids. Learn more about Daletec Electrical & Utility range @ If you have any queries, you can reach out to us @

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Daletec will be meeting its partners at Intersec. Come and join us for the last two days.  

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Daletec - INTERSEC-Dubai

Daletec – INTERSEC – Dubai

If you are there, we would like to invite and connect to show you different fire retardant solutions we have to offer for the hot and humid climate that is certified for NFPA 2112, EN ISO 11611, EN ISO 11612, EN 61482-1-2, EN 1149-3, ASTM 1959 and much more. It is time you get out…

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